Briteeth is a professional centre offering innovative solutions for oral and dental health. Each person is born with a dental asset, which directly influences his health. Our main objective is to protect, maintain and conserve this dental asset.  Thanks to our multi-disciplinary dentists and caring assistants, we offer quality support, accommodating dental urgencies even without appointment. Innovation, technical and operational expertise are our key drivers at Briteeth.


  • Briteeth considers proper oral health as a contributing factor to a proper physical, social and moral balance.
  • We approach each treatment with a holistic point of view.
  • The team at Briteeth is driven by professionalism, compassion, integrity and respect.
  • We treat people, not teeth.


The Briteeth team consists of three experienced and multidisciplinary dentists, including chief dental surgeon, Dr Jérôme Bhunjun. Ever attentive to their patients’ needs, they are able to provide more appropriate treatment and care to individuals. Our dentists can also accommodate dental urgencies without prior appointment.

Dr. Jérôme Bhunjun

Chief surgeon

Dr. Jérôme Bhunjun, General Manager and Chief Surgeon at Briteeth, has been practicing as a dentist since 1987. A graduate from Donetsk State University (USSR), he completed his Post-Graduate Implant Course in Cape Town, and received advanced training in CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) technology. He has done extensive surgical work in Mauritius and has participated in international symposiums in Hamburg and Frankfurt. In more than 30 years of practice, he moved from a small clinic in Rose Hill to a state-of-the-art facility in Vacoas, becoming a reference in the field of dental surgery and restoration in Mauritius, and keeping his smile while he mends the smile of his patients.

Dr. Nandita Rughoobur-Planel

Dental surgeon

Dr. Nandita Rughoobur-Planel holds a PhD in Dentistry from Peoples' Friendship University in Russia. She is registered at the Dental Council of Mauritius since 2015. She has worked for several private clinics as well as for larger institutions of the island.

Dr. Rishta Darsinee Jeetun

Dental surgeon

Dr. Rishta Darsinee Jeetun is a licensed dentist and has been practicing since 2015. She holds a doctorate in dentistry from the Moscow University of Medicine and Dentistry and holds a specialization from the State Medical University of Rostov. She has gained a lot of experience in surgery in private practices around the island and has also acquired skills pertaining to the CEREC technology.


Briteeth relies on a team of five assistants, headed by an administrative manager, to look to the well-being and comfort of patients before and after their treatment.