Quality oral & dental health


We provide quality health care in a secure environment. Bi-annual visits to the dentist are essential to maintain good oral and dental health. We offer services including prophylaxis, conservative and aesthetic dentistry. We also perform surgical procedures such as extractions, implant placement among others.

Care and check-ups

Briteeth uses a panoramic X-ray machine for the minute examination of the oral cavity and the surrounding tissues.  This X-ray allows you to see anatomical structures such as the sinus, articulations, as well as the condition of the two jaw bones. Thus, it is common to discover impacted teeth, hyperdontia and other hidden pathologies.


Restorations are carried out using latest composite materials. Composed of nanoparticles, they are extremely resistant to abrasion and have excellent adhesive properties, thus making the cavity perfectly hermetic. These composite materials also reduce the risk of secondary decay. Furthermore, they also meet the aesthetic criteria and can be used everywhere in the oral cavity, on teeth visible or hidden.

Crowns & Bridges

Briteeth is one of the only centres in Mauritius to possess the CEREC system – a revolutionary piece of technology allowing for the in-house manufacturing of crowns and bridges integrally in ceramic within a record time. Our prosthetic restoration service is able produce ceramic crowns in less than an hour thanks to CEREC technology.


Our surgical treatments include extractions (wisdom teeth, cysts, granuloma among others) as well as implant surgery under local or general anaesthesia. We also perform bone grafts to improve the durability of the implant. For bone grafts, we lay our trust in the German firm Geistlich Biomaterials, a world leader in this field.